Thursday, January 20, 2011

"maths" and "numbers"

I actually agree. As 2 is a number that makes out more numbers. 2 has created 4 by multiplying itself by two,more numbers are made using this method.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Post-Orientation Reflections ^~^

-The highlights of the Orientation are the CAMPFIRE, HIGH ELEMENTS and SKIT. ^.^
-The "low" moments I had maybe are the times where I had not have my meals and I'm extremely hungry and having to wake up early in the morning. =="
-The greatest take-aways will be knowing my classmates better and make a few more friends along the way.
-1 thing I learnt about myself is that I'm actually afraid of heights. +_+"
-I am looking forward to having more fun times with my classmates and teachers!!! :D

Monday, January 10, 2011


 I think that communication is very important because this is one of the most essential things to interact with each other. Without interaction, some things could not be done.
I think my favourite form of communication will be by talking face-to-face, SMSing, Facebook/Skype/MSN chatting and talking on the phone.
I think I will decide by my whereabouts, or the person that I’m going to contact’s whereabouts. Maybe what the things we do then too. For example when I’m in class, my parents can contact me using SMS as these don’t require my instant attention and will not distract me. However, I will still switch my phone on to silent mode and check my phone when I’m in recess etc.
Some of the difficulties I faced might be the attention perhaps? The reason being that when through SMSing and stuffs won’t get the other end of the conversation’s full attention. So if I can, I will try to talk face-to-face or by calling the person by phone.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 2: End-of-Day Reflection

This is my video reflection of Day 2. l'm doing it in my bedroom.Sorry for the stammering and stuffs.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 1 Mac Attack 1 - Activity 4: End-of-Day Reflection

I have done a few things today:-
1. Learning the school dance and school cheers.
2. Having a discussion of 3Rs with my classmates and Miss Lim.
3. Making a few brand-new friends.
4. Using the learning device to do things.(Sadly, My learning device haven't arrive and I had to share. But that is also a way to make friends!)
5. Playing ice-breaker games with the PSLs and Miss Lim.
6. Gallery-walk with group-mates to see how the other groups present their thoughts of the 3Rs.
I learnt:-
1. The school dance and cheer.
2. The importance of the 3Rs.

I chose SST as my secondary school as I'm more interested in applied learning and I know it will be fun using the MACbook as a learning device. I also want to be part of SST's history and be in the engineering field in the future.

My aspiration as a member in the SST family is to excel in my studies and my computer skills. Also not to forget to be in good conduct and do well for my CCAs. Maybe,if I can,I can also do SST proud by winning awards in competitions.

This is the picture that best illustrate my growth. I, taking a role as a SST student, should have the responsibility to listen and follow the instructions given by higher authority.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wishes on the Wall

Wallwisher is useful as it is a place for us to share short information among one another. One thing I don't like about wallwisher is that it limits the letters we used to 140 letters. That means that we need to shorten on what we say. However I could write on seperate sticky notes,which is more troublesome. Wallwisher is also a good application for CCAs as members of a CCA can discuss matters on a wall without meeting each other,which is very convinient.

My Digital Collage


My favourate application is Facebook. This is because using Facebook can help us connect with friends and family. We can also share information among us and update each other on our lives. It is exceptionally useful for me as I can know how my primary school friends are doing and they can also know how I am doing too.

Some place I visited recently

View Marina Bay/Raffles Place/City Hall in a larger map

My Route from my home to SST

This is the route I found in GoogleMaps.

View Larger Map

Apart from finding the route I take to SST, GoogleMaps also provide me how long each route takes and how it differs if I go SST in different transport.

I think GoogleMaps is quite reliable. However, as I went to SST several times, I found out a new way to go SST in 45mins but that route was not shown in their suggested routes. I hope they could update more often.

My thoughts of creating this blog.....

As I have created a blog before, I was very calm about this and successfully created this blog. Blogging can be an interesting place for people to share their thoughts about themselves,life, and anything that exists in this world. Some people used this platform to establish a shop, selling things that others may buy. I think that blogging is useful for SST students as they can make use of this platform and write about things that they experience everyday, share news and information that is useful to the students,be it entertainment or information of school and stuffs. I'm not sure if this blog is going to be a successfl one, but I hope I will have fun blogging!!

My Feelings when I know I got into SST


I had mixed feelings when I got to know that I was going to SST: Those were happy and sad. I was happy because I can get into the school I wanted and learn hands-on instead of all those boring studying that could made me fall asleep. I have always loved hands-on and practical since I was in primary school. Every time it was time to do experiments in class, I always get excited as I am able to experience things. However when I was in class,sitting in the classroom, having a book in hand, listening to the teacher talking, I felt like I was almost asleep. Thats why I like class activities.

           I was sad in the other hand as I was going to leave all my friends that were with me in my primary school life. I have made many close friends and can't bear to leave them. None of my friends applied for SST. So, I was alone. However, I hope I can make more friends in SST and excel in my studies at the same time!!!

*All pictures are from Google. I do not own those pictures. Credits to people who uploaded them.
P.S. I am a SNSD fan(aka Sone). So I chose to use their pictures instead of cartoons.