Monday, January 10, 2011


 I think that communication is very important because this is one of the most essential things to interact with each other. Without interaction, some things could not be done.
I think my favourite form of communication will be by talking face-to-face, SMSing, Facebook/Skype/MSN chatting and talking on the phone.
I think I will decide by my whereabouts, or the person that I’m going to contact’s whereabouts. Maybe what the things we do then too. For example when I’m in class, my parents can contact me using SMS as these don’t require my instant attention and will not distract me. However, I will still switch my phone on to silent mode and check my phone when I’m in recess etc.
Some of the difficulties I faced might be the attention perhaps? The reason being that when through SMSing and stuffs won’t get the other end of the conversation’s full attention. So if I can, I will try to talk face-to-face or by calling the person by phone.

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