Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Feelings when I know I got into SST


I had mixed feelings when I got to know that I was going to SST: Those were happy and sad. I was happy because I can get into the school I wanted and learn hands-on instead of all those boring studying that could made me fall asleep. I have always loved hands-on and practical since I was in primary school. Every time it was time to do experiments in class, I always get excited as I am able to experience things. However when I was in class,sitting in the classroom, having a book in hand, listening to the teacher talking, I felt like I was almost asleep. Thats why I like class activities.

           I was sad in the other hand as I was going to leave all my friends that were with me in my primary school life. I have made many close friends and can't bear to leave them. None of my friends applied for SST. So, I was alone. However, I hope I can make more friends in SST and excel in my studies at the same time!!!

*All pictures are from Google. I do not own those pictures. Credits to people who uploaded them.
P.S. I am a SNSD fan(aka Sone). So I chose to use their pictures instead of cartoons.

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