Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 1 Mac Attack 1 - Activity 4: End-of-Day Reflection

I have done a few things today:-
1. Learning the school dance and school cheers.
2. Having a discussion of 3Rs with my classmates and Miss Lim.
3. Making a few brand-new friends.
4. Using the learning device to do things.(Sadly, My learning device haven't arrive and I had to share. But that is also a way to make friends!)
5. Playing ice-breaker games with the PSLs and Miss Lim.
6. Gallery-walk with group-mates to see how the other groups present their thoughts of the 3Rs.
I learnt:-
1. The school dance and cheer.
2. The importance of the 3Rs.

I chose SST as my secondary school as I'm more interested in applied learning and I know it will be fun using the MACbook as a learning device. I also want to be part of SST's history and be in the engineering field in the future.

My aspiration as a member in the SST family is to excel in my studies and my computer skills. Also not to forget to be in good conduct and do well for my CCAs. Maybe,if I can,I can also do SST proud by winning awards in competitions.

This is the picture that best illustrate my growth. I, taking a role as a SST student, should have the responsibility to listen and follow the instructions given by higher authority.

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